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regime that works 4 me and can possibly work 4 you

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i had (notice the past tense) moderate to severe acne. in addition, i had extremely oily skin. now, i have mild acne and moderately oily skin.

i tried accutane (which was great when i was on it---- my god, it made all the blackheads on my nose just pop up-- but you can't stay on it forever), retin-a, nature's cure, benzyol peroxide, all different types of facial cleansers, sulfur, proactive----- but NONE WORKED--------- and it was a pain to apply.

PRODUCTS TO BUY ( Dermamed acne gel, dermamed facial cleanser, cetaphil facial acne wash for normal to oily skin and cetaphil lotion)

now, i believe i found a very effective regime, which requires very little work to apply. i use two products------- DERMAMED ACNE GEL & DERMAMED FACIAL CLEANSER--------- they run about $15.00 a piece (so, $30.00) and they last for about a month and a half. you can only order it online. when (and if) you purchase these products, the company will try to push the DERMAMED ACNE PILLS ($30)----------- they try to sell it as a set-------- DON'T BUY THE PILLS!!!!!!!!


Morning---- 1) use DERMAMED FACIAL ACNE WASH (This has salyclic acid and tree tre oil--- very good and effective AND VERY GENTLE- controls oil, too) 2) apply a very, very, very small amount of CETAPHIL LOTION under your eyes. The skin under one's eyes tends to dry out and when it drys out, it looks dark and wrinkly. By the way, the CETAPHIL LOTION is non-comdegenic so it won't clog any pores.

AFTERNOON---- With your lunch, take ONE MULTIVITAMIN (centrum or whatever you have) and a 30 g tablet of ZINC. Zinc is effective in fighting acne and oily skin. However, DO NOT overdose on zinc. The zinc in the multivitamin and tablet is enough!

NIGHT---- 1) use CETAPHIL FACIAL WASH for Normal to Oily Skin (NOT the dermamed facial wash). 2) Let face dry, then 2) apply CETAPHIL LOTION to entire face--- everywhere--- apply liberally--- this will restore the moisture in your skin. 3) After the CETAPHIL LOTION dries in a few minutes, then APPLY THE DERMAMED ACNE GEL all over the face. Yes, right on top of the CETAPHIL LOTION. The gel gets to the skin, don't worry about that

THIS IS THE REGIME--- IT WORKS FOR ME...... Follow it exactly. This regime treats your face with acne medication (the DERMAMED FACIAL WASH and GEL). But make sure you put the LOTION on at night to restore moisture.

This method helps with oily skin and acne. TRY IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I WISH EVERYONE WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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