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TCA CROSS aftermath... red... red...

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I attempted my second TCA cross nearly a week ago. My first one was not aggressive enough and only produced a flake of skin around a week later. My second attempt was two weeks later, possibly too soon but since the first was very mild with virtually no scabbing or redness, I attempted it again sooner than normally recommended. This time, I poked the scar 2 or three times to make sure the entire inside of the scar frosted. STILL, around 4 days later, something flaked off, like a lightish scab. THEN, this is the bad part. IT LOOKED HUGE, the scar itself looked larger and with it being red, it seemed much bigger. I felt so self concious since this scar is in the middle of my cheek. OMG. Well it seems to be tightening up since then but it was a long 2-3 days and still is pinkish in the middle. I think this may yeild some results. Just a word of caution to those considering this, be careful not to plan any major events during a week or two after your TCA cross. For the first time in a very long time, I felt like a crator face. Normally, my scars are the same color as the rest of my face and I try to apply my makeup to detract from the scars, but this was just impossible.

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Better becareful.....that's some powerful stuff :)

I over did a chicken pox scar on my temple that took almost a month for the scab to come off and the spot is still red.

I apply mineral makeup foundation with a little bronzer and it helps with the redness.

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