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I have an allergic reaction or something else.

Yesterday night I went with my daily routine. Wash my face put BP and went to bed all of sudden I felt a pulsating sensation on cheek. I look at it and though maybe is a pimple coming out a couple of minutes it started to hurt and it was feeling like it swell up. Then I said is nothing I should go to bed. Damn I couldn't sleep with my face pulsating all over my cheeks. I turn on the lights I was horrified of what I saw. My face got really red and swallowen. It felt very thick and inflame. I mean I look like a plum. I mean it was horrible. Everytime I touch my face just a little it would hurt. A bubblely look on my face. It look like a blister without the water just like the skin. I woke up my parents crying and they saw what happen to me and told me it was the medication. But, I though it could of been the shrimps I ate or something. It must of have been something I ate. I just wish I've taken the picture cause' in the next morning the swelling went down and my face was back to normal.

I really need feed back on this and I want to know if it ever happen to you?

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i think that if you have been using the regimine regularly then it must have been something else that caused that to happen to your face??

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I did use the regimen like it was supposed to be used. But, I forgot to mention that I took some Advils gel capsules to ease my stomach pain.

This is what it says on the Warning label....


Allergy alert: ibuprofen may cause a severe allergic reaction which may include:

hives facial swelling asthma (wheezing) shock

I guess I'm allergic ibuprofen if I would of known that I wouldn't take it.

Thanks for the rez...

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