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Where are you people wasting your precious light to be burdened with this disease...?

Are you's gaining pleasure from creativity?... music?... food?.... porn?... lazyness?....

These all waste your karma... that precious %50 light bestowed on every living entity.

Everyone is born with light and darkness...

I figured where I was wasting mine... and the cure to acne manifest itself because I saved my light

and didn't waste it like old times.

I am still wasting it by being lazy on the internet...

I work as much as possible now because it build karma (although it turns into Money which I don't really want, I want the love of my life, I want to give her life in my reality with my light) and I do not let anyone steal my light away from me cheaply (such as freinds coming over and saying lets party and drink)

To achieve anything worthwhile in this universe, all entities must strive and sacrifice to create any good within their abode of reality.

This is the truth of the universe.

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I don't believe in karma, in this life or the next. I CAN'T, or else all the horrible things that happened to me as a child happened because I deserved them.

And I just can't believe that. So now I take a general comfort in the meaness of Life. :)

I agree that everyone is born with "light" and "darkness". It is who we are - half god, half demon. The term is "human", and what we do with whatever part we connect with is our choice.

So there's my philosphical bit for today.

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I thought it was a good philosphical bit.

But the general law of the universe is, suffer to have pleasure... we must have pleasure in having a clear face so it wont happen for us... people with clear skin seem to not care they have a clear skin... thus don't derive any pleasure from it...

Oh yeh did I mention the universe sucks?

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Guest Realist

Dude, change your user name or else you're never gonna get this chick out of your mind. It's ok to grieve and sulk (actually, it's encouraged), but remember, it's just a girl. You guys like didn't even hang out... did you? Anyway, I hope you start to feel better.

By the way, are you a Calvinist? You seem to think working a lot will grant you a better life. Religion is the opiate for the masses.

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I love having my friends steal my light so cheaply! Otherwise I'd have no friends!

Seriously though, I do like having people over for drinks... I just pass my little bartending book around and my abode of reality gets real. (Wouldn't it though?)

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