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I'd say my acne is mild/moderate. Anywhos I'll keep this as short as I can..

In the mornings, I don't take a shower before I go to school. I take it the night before:P (I love my sleep! I'm always late too so it's out of the question) So when I take my shower at night, should I use the cleanser in the shower or when I brush my teeth and before bed a few hours later? There's usually 3-4 hours left before I sleep after I take a shower so thats time enough for dirt n stuff to gather. And don't you need the BP on your skin for at least 8 hours ? Or is that clindoxyl gel.. haha nevermind that bit.

Since I think you guys can asnwer my second question here, I won't make one in the make up board..and it is regimen-related so.. I wear make up (of course..I'm a female, dudes!) and generally a cleanser doesn't get all of it off. Usually I will wash my face with whatever I'm using at the time (Spectro derm, Dove, Cetaphil, etc ) and then use witch hazel as a toner to get off the trace amounts of makeup and dirt. What can I do about this so that I still use Dan's routine? It doesn't include anything about a toner...

Thanks :)

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I'm with ya on loving sleep so I take a shower the night before as well. I wash my face in the shower and then 15 minutes after I get out of the shower, I apply the BP.

Ah yes, makeup, a neccessary evil. I use a makeup remover to get my stuff off. Make sure you are using a non-pore clogging foundation (if you use one). As far as toner goes, it's probably ok. If your face starts to get too dry, maybe cut back on the toner or boost the moisturizer. I actually haven't wore any foundation for the past 3 weeks cuz I am waiting to be 100% clear of my active spots.

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After the shower tho theres quite a bit of time to just lounge around and eat.. and when I brush my teeth afterwards the stuff around my mouth and chin will come off (I'm messy, ok?) :lol:

I guess I won't need a toner if I use a makeup remover..I forgot about that lol There are these baby wipe-looking things at wally world that are made for that.

Right now, when I'm in the shower I wash my face with a cleanser and then later on, when I brush my teeth, I use the toner to get off the remaining makeup and whatever I've 'collected' in the past few hours. But I think if I just use plain water to splash my face in the shower, and do the regular routine after I brush it should be okay. My skin is oily enough to not get dry from that :rolleyes:

Well, gee, it looks like I asnwered my own question :D haha just kiddin, you guys did help :P

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