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Fed Up Of This

Dumb question I know but...

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Hi everyone,

So thinking about starting this regime but I really don't know what BP is. Can I just buy it from Shoppers Drug Mart? Are there different kinds and how do I choose? Any help would be gratefully recieved. :D Thanks alot!

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Don't feel stupid...I think I was reading around here for at least a week before I figured out the abbreviations. BP=Benzoyl peroxide, you should def read the link Brandy sent.

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Quick glossary:

BP = benzoyl peroxide, comes in both nonprescription and prescription lotions and washes, usually in 2.5%, 5%, or 10% (maximum) grades, clears up inflammatory acne pretty well and is most effective when a low concentration lotion (2.5% ideally) is used in large quantities and left on the face, also can be used for spot treatment to speed up clearing existing acne but better for prevention, some people are allergic to it

SA = salicyclic acid, common acne treatment in a wide variety of lotions, washes, and moisturizers, is a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) and helps exfoliate dead skin cells, good for blackheads and noninflammatory acne, can be irritating when used with BP, sometimes used by people with BP allergies instead of BP

AHA = alpha hydroxy acid such as lactic acid (found in Eucerin Skin Renewal) or glycolic acid (found in some toners), mildly exfoliates skin and can be helpful for dryness problems

BHA = beta hydroxy acid like salicyclic acid, mildly exfoliates skin

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