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Acne does make you stronger ...

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Today is the first friday i havent gone out in proverbly a year ... I got 6 new cysts and 12 white heads bringing the total # of white heads and small red healing bumps that were white heads to 20). My skin is also flaking (cheeks and the one above the lip).

So here's the story.

I went to the gym and it was proverbly the final straw. A girl i knew from highschool who i havent seen in years came and told me i have an good body but my face is bad ... i was shocked and didnt know how to respond to it.

Ofcourse now that i'm home i have thought of atleast 10 different comebacks ...

the small comment coupled with what i was already feeling crushed me ...

Looking back at it i learned something ... Never kick someone when they are down or prey on weaknesses. It also got me thinking, "what if i've ever said something that stupid" so i thought up alot of good compiments for friends and aquaintances and "perfect" responses to certain situations. haveing these i think i'm a little stronger ..

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I agree, Wholeheartedly. Acne teaches humility, and benevolence. To most, that is. It honestly scares me that I might run into someone I used to know, and allow them to see what acne has done to me. You're very brave for taking such a comment so graciously. Much, much respect for that.

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Guest Tenshi

yeha it does make u stronger..u go thru a period of weakness but then u rise above the pettiness and relaise u learnt something from it..and that satisfaction can make u feel like u can beat anything..because we are all hurting to some degree..but bitterness and hurt directed at us will only build us up if we let it..theres 2 paths u can take in life..to let ppl bring u down or to walk away and learn why the person has made u feel this way..is it really because of u or is it because of them? and does it really matter what those who don't know us think of us?

i mean u have a good body but your face is bad is a weak and shallow comment..i beleive u when the day comes u have clear skin again u will be 2 steps ahead of most..

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