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zeno zit zapper does it work?

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the only thing that prevents me form buying it is the having to change the tip thing after ever like 20 uses. i mean 200 bucks for the thing that only helps mild acne is bad enough, but having to pay 35 bucks for every refill is just stupid.

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I read that the tip was to be changed every 90 uses. I am gonna see If I can purchase it at sephora and If it does not work for me if I can return it

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I got mine off ebay for $160.

You change the tips every 90 uses. It lasted a little over a month for me, but now that my skin has cleared a lot I think I am going thru them more slowly. The tips are also available on ebay and other sites cheaper than $35.

My acne is mild/moderate and this Zeno has been a miracle. You have to pay a lot of attention to your face and try to catch pimples in their early stage. It works on all my acne that does not have a whitehead. I have used it on those stubborn spots that are painful and under the skin (i am a lil confused about the terminology). The kind that grow big and last for a month and they were seriously reduced and disappeared within a week when caught early. Those are easy to catch cus you can feel them before you can really see them.

I know it is the Zeno that has been working the miracles cus when I ran out cartridges and was waiting for my refills to come, my skin got disastrous.

The product is expensive and you have to be persistent, but it does work. It is not a cure for acne cus you have to keep doing it, but its worth my time and money.

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