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ok so the derm apt today went as expected - no accutane and no bactrim. i did get benzaclin, mino 100mg and tazorac .1 instead of the .05. here is the new routine:


wash with zoderm 6.5 wash

apply tazorac .1

then mosturize


wash with zoderm 6.5

apply benzaclin

my questions are these - what are your experiences with these combinations and for those of you who wear make-up is it easier to apply it over benzaclin or tazorac? she doesn't care what order i use these drugs in she just suggests the benzaclin at night since it bleaches your clothes. what do you suggest.

also for those of you that went from .05 to .1 of tazorac or even added more topicals and an antibiotic did you experience another breakout? she told me i shouldn't because i've already had the initial breakout but i know i still have areas where i am breaking out more and more. she also said i should see results in 4 to 6 weeks, is this true?

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I've used both of these, however I haven't used Bezaclin for a couple of years. I used Tazorac recently though. Expect peeling for about 3-4 weeks. Acne may get worse at the start, but will improve.

I remember Benzaclim was a lirrle drying and caused some itching, but other than that it was fine.

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I previously tried Tazorac (earlier this year) and it did not do anything for me, but that's just me.

Five days ago I decided to try Benzaclin, because I was desperate and I remembered that my doctor gave me 12 free sample jars b/c I don't have a drug plan. To be honest, Benzaclin has done WONDERS! In 5 days it has done more than Tazorac did for me in 5 MONTHS :) I love it, I mean, 5 days ago my acne was pretty bad. It has dried all of my zits up. My skin still has heeling to do, but I'm hoping with this topical cream it will help speed up the process like it has already (knock on wood!!) GOOD LUCK!

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