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Please Judge My Lifestyle!

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Hi everybody, i'm 16 years old today and i suffered frm Acne last year.

Well, i visited a skin specialist and i was prescribed some oral treatment & some cream to apply.

My Medication:

Doxycycline (antibiotic) x 1 followed by Dalacin T (Topical Lotion) & Stieva-A ( Night cream)

After 4mths of treatment, the pimples have lessen and only the cheek area is all red. I notice that there are no more bumps and only red flat pimples left. I dunno what to call dem. The doctor said it's healing but it seems that the redness doesnt not go off or the skin doesnt recover. Everyday i look in the mirror, it's the same. No improvement. Wonder how do i reduce the redness and allow it to heal faster? I also notice that the red areas have very large pores. What are they? I notice that whenever i wash my face with water, my face gets super red. What is that too?

Qn1: Is computer radiation causing the problem? I spend alot of my time infront of the computer.

Qn2: Does laser treatment completely cure scars? I hope that i can return to my smooth skin again.

Qn3: Any side effects of laser treatments?

Qn4: Does sleeping late/early cause acne? I sleep late everyday around midnight and i get about 6hrs a slp per day.

Hope you guys can answer my questions! I wanna get rid of acne and move on! Currently it has affected me emotionally and i feel so listless everyday.

Any comments/answers are welcomed! Thanks A Million!


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Well, keep in mind the antibiotics kill off good bacteria as well as bad. You may wanna bring some good bacteria back into your system with plain organic yogurt and probiotic pills, otherwise you may be suffering much worse problems then acne in the future. Personally, antibiotics made my acne a lot worse after I got off them, things like foods that never broke me out before would now make my face itch and a new pimple form.

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you need to sleep more, like 8-9 hours. computers don't have an effect, but not excercising DOES. get out and exercise, drink alot of water. those are the lifestyle changes you need. the flat red bumps are just red marks left from the pimples they'll be there for a while, you should exfoliate very lightly to help those go away. Your face gets red when it's washed because you are irritating it with the hot water. Laser treatments aren't perfect, but you should wait until you're older to do something like that. Consider yourself lucky that you're 16 and having such good results.

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true true....

excercising speeds up healing by 25% on average, read the post about it in the boards.

Yes, try exfoliating lightly, but whatever you do, take it EASY, research everything you're thinking of trying, and have patience.

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Glad to hear from you guys, but may i noe whats the term "Exfoliate".. Hehe i take in lots of yoghurt.. my fav snack XD

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