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Can I use AHA lotion at night instead of Eucerin?

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Ok. So I have been on the regimen almost a month. Things were a little rought around week 2 and 3, but I only have two active zits right now on my chin and things are seeming to calm down. :D Hardly any drying, and a little redness. I'm really looking forward to how my skin will look by month 3. SO, I want to treat my acne scars and I have heard that the AHA lotion (which I bought from drugstore.com) will eventually do this. Can I use this as my night mosturizer in place of the Eucerin? If I should wait until I'm on month 3 that's fine with me, just wondering if any of the vetrens think that I could do this....or even should do this.


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most eucering products contain AHA anyway.....

lactic acid = AHA

check the ingredience

Yea....I know that Eucerin contains AHA, but it doesn't list how much in the ingredients...it just says that it has lactic acid in it. Will this help out scars and red spots still?......just maybe a little slower?

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i wudnt overdo it with lactic acid or ANY AHA as it wud irritate ur skin

eucerin products help ur redmarks to fade faster but honestly if u got a moisturiser that was mainly lactic acid i reckon it wud end up giving u more spots to deal with let alone redmarks after they are gone

take it slow, the road to clearskin isnt always a quick one BUT ul get there an wen u do ul realise jus how worthwhile it was :D

Thanks.....you really helped....I'll just wait it out. I've only been on the regimen for a month. Again, thanks Dami3n :wub:

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