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Microdermabrasion?? is it good or bad?

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I am getting microdermabrasion done this weekend. I am oily, acne prone skin. Will this cause me to have a big breakout?

Has anyone had good results with it. I am getting it done at a spa so I am hoping the results are good.

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I've found that those home microdermabrasion kits only aggervate my acne. I've never had professional microdrembeasion done, since I have such horrible results from the home versions (yes versions). It's not really reccomended for sensitive acne prone skin, especially skin that has the tendancy to develop hyperpigmentation from irritation or trauma........

If you have active acne.....it will just irritate it and cause bleeding. If you have acne prone skin, you could see a breakout in the days following the procedure.....

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I did Microdermabrasion a few times at a plastic sergeon (spelling) office and I never felt there was any difference in the way my skin looked afterwards. I know that your supposed to get it done about 6 times or so for a difference but I kinda gave up since it was getting costly. It felt like the end of a pencil without the eraser and only the metal left going against the skin. It was kinda irratating to me. I left with a slighly red face but they did put some sort of cream on my face that would reduce the redness. I would have to say I wouldn't do it again because I feel it's not really that great and did not help me with acne. Now maybe if I did it the reccomnded times i would feel different. Just my two cents on the whole thing. :)

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