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can't have accutane... what is next most drastic treatment?

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i can't have accutane. i'm on medication that clashes with it, and my mental state is not good.

what other options are there?

i don't want yet more topical / anti-biotic treatments, i want drastic treatment that will work! i'm not spending another decade of my life fighting acne, i need something major done asap!

suggestions please.


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try photodynamic therapy, just google it for more information, but its kinda costly, however it changes ur skin in abt a week time ...

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Check out my site below!

By far second best next to Accutane!

Do you really suggest taking 20 tablets daily?? I have kind of a hard time swallowing pills and didn't learn how until high school lol..

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What is wrong with you people this antiAC.com site reminds me of all those pills that claim to enlarge your penis.

Use the brain God gave you and don't be such a sucker, and it is wicked expensive, the 20$ bottle will last only 10 days based on their 20 pills a day suggested dose, and the guaranteed to work or money back statement is shady with no details.

DrMichaels needs to banned from this site for taking advantage of people who come here for help, not to be manipulated.

anyone that can block him please do so.

As for the original post Can you do without the med ur on? because if u can get accutane.

your bad mental state probably is because of you acne,

and all the depression stuff is bull if u do your research you will find that there is no medical support for the claim. The only reason for all the depression nonsense is because a Senators son commited sucide while on accutane and looking for someone to blame (senator had a loaded and unlocked handgun) he blamed accutane.

Go to:


to learn more and you very well might change your opinion of accutane and about taking it

I am on it now and love it. My skin is completly clear

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