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Is my acne coming back again?need your help/opinion

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I'm finally off accutane, and my skin has indeed IMPROVED.....

I was really doing well during my 5 month course....

HOWEVER its about a week since I stopped....my lips are still a bit dry.....BUT...i'm starting to observe eruptions of tiny tiny bumps on my skin,,,,they aren't red or inflamed.....just painless bumps with the same color as my skin.....WHAT IS THIS??? I noticed a few bumps over the past few days, and I really wasn't worried, and I assumed they would go away...however, as the days passed they seem to GROW IN NUMBER!!! They all look the same.....tiny painless raised bumps with the same skin color that have not come to head.

Is this a bad sign???

I feel a bit dissapointed.......

What can I apply to remove them????

Thanks guys:( Acne DOES suck

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Guest tvirus_outbreak

This is what craigems said about someone who appeared to have the same thing:

Those bumps on your face are called "milia", its like a skin coloured sorta pimple thing but without the redness, from memory its to do with sweat glands being blocked. This generally happens after Accutane or a drying sort of medication which affects the skin bigtime.

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