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Why do some people take tane more then 6 months?

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And isn't that dangerous?? After 6 months it can really start to damage your body, if another course is needed (which is rare because I read that 90% of people clear after 20 weeks) shouldn't you wait like 2 months and start over instead of taking and taking it?

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Longer the course = longer and better the chance the acne goes into remission forever.

My friend went on a one year course, and it absolutely cleared him up 100%. The most amazing results I've ever seen. He stopped like seven months ago, and he's MAYBE got TWO zits since then. I've payed close attention.

I'm done april 26th I believe, and right now, I'm doing great. I hope to God this does the trick.

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Guest Tenshi

not sure..i mean im on 8 boxes=8 months at 40mg a day and im starting month 7 now but my skin has only just gotten to final clear stage at 6 months. My derm said it's his practice that his patients take it until their skin is clear and then 1 month after to make sure it doesn't come back or at least hope for that.. so yeah, i have 2 boxes left and hopefully this means it will be out of my system for good. i guess it's an individual thing..

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