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anyone quit the regimen and seen better results?

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Hi has anyone quit the regimen because were not getting good results?

If so was ur skin better once u stopped it or did it get a whole lot worse?

Just im on my 6th week and havent noticed much of an improvement and seem to be breaking out more than before.

I want to stop it because i dont think its doing my face any good,but im scared it might get worse.

I am back on marvelon the bc pill,i used it before and skin was pretty good on it,have been back on it for 2 months and am still breakin out so i thought maybe it is the bp and it is too much for my skin to handle. I didnt really have acne before but had a nasty outbreak and got scared so started all this and it doesnt seem to have sorted itself out yet.

Any advice please,thankyou!

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I quit at about 5 weeks in. I had moderate to severe acne when I started. Some of it was cystic, but it was mostly pustular/papular acne. I cleaed up by about 50% on the regimen, bu tclarity came with a price. My face just couldn't take it anymore. It was so dry it wasn't just flaking. Flaking I can deal with. I couldn't even open my moute. My skin began peeling and cracking (deep emough to draw blood).

I quit and it took my face about another five weeks to recover, but my acne came back full force, and it was actually worse that when I had started. I went to a derm and started using topical retinoids (differin/retin-a micro) and topical antibiotic (BP/Clindamycin) , which cleard me up way better than the regimen did, and didn't irritate me nearly as much. I still wasn't fully clear....and I refuse to take antibiotics.....so I'm pursuing Accutane....

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I was on it for 2 months. It cleared almost all of my acne but it had its price - my skin stayed pinkish red and looked as if I'd gotten sunburnt. In bright light it was pretty scary, so I decided to quit. IMO, all I did was trade the acne for another skin problem that left me looking no better. In some way it looked worse because my skin looked like it was in pain. I just figured my skin couldn't take all the BP. I don't even use it now.

I started brush exfoliation and weened myself off the BP. I had breakouts consisting of little spots, nothing major....maybe because I didn't just quit cold turkey, I don't know.

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