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Day one on this regimin. Who would have known doing a simple search would land me here. Well I had all of the products and I started this morning. Sorry I do not have pics:( Yet, however I can tell you this, all my life I have heard the term "You would be so beautiful IF..." Not anymore, I am 28 yrs old and have had acne for my entire life I think. ( Perhaps I was born with it).. Not very sever acne either, Just stubborn. Have you ever notice that women with perfect complextions find it easy to critisize your acne. Over the years I have built up scarring on my chin and cheeks, and I have found that witch Hazel seems to help the redness, and pok marks. Mary Kay Time wise cleanser has helped a bit, and the Hydrating Gel feels wounderful. But I say good bye to all those products. And I am off in search of me again.

Just a thought, If any statement you would or are about to make starts with "No Offense" Perhaps it should not be said. Because it will be sure to be offending, or in my case hopelessly damaging to the self esteem.

On a side note: My face kind of hurts from the BP, This goes away? :ninja:

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Good luck finding yourself again! The stinging from the BP should go away after the first couple a weeks, and probably sooner than that if you are good about starting off with a small application and slowly working your way up to a full finger by a month into it. Also, I cannot emphasize moisturizing enough! A lot of people think after the first couple days, "Oh, my skin feels fine with this BP, I don't need moisturizer!" but a few days later they regret it when they are red and peeling. Just FYI.

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