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another new member

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I would like to say hello to everyone. I am new at this so i hope i can figure this all out. Thanks for all of your words of wisdom and for sharing your personal experiences. Those who have not had to deal with acne have a hard time understanding .....its nice to hear from people who do

My story in short, i did not have ance as a teen but developed mild to moderate acne at age 26. I went through a year of trying different antiobiotics, creams, gels, you name it. Finally, a 4th antibiotic in combination with Diane worked. I was acne free, perfectly for close to 4 months and then, once i went off the antibiotic it came back, not as bad, but was back. Things were manageable over the next 3 years but then flared pretty bad again. I couldnt imagine how i would deal with bad acne at my age but realized that more and more adults deal with this. Finally, i decided that i had tried everything over the years and it was time to consider Accutane. I am currently in my 5th month out of 6....and i have been acne free for the past 3 months or so (with the exception of the odd, tiny pimple that goes very quickly).... And hopefully this is it and things will be better. But like many, I have come to accept this acne thing and knowing that ii will likely struggle with it throughout life......Its just one day at a time for me!.....

thanks for listening

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hello zeel and welcome to the forums!

It sounds like you are having a good experience with Accutane! That's good news!

We all know how you feel and what you've been through, we all have our own similar stories.

Hope you enjoy the forums!

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