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I will now attempt to describe my acne.

I have those fleshy coloured rasied bumps (whiteheads) in a line of about 9 or 10 tiny ones on one cheek, along with a few red marks. The other cheek has one papule and about three red marks, along with something that was looking cysty, but no longer has a bump under the skin, just redness. My chin has faint blackheads (I get the occasional normal pussy zit there which is no problem whatsoever) and my nose has blackheads which spread onto both my cheeks a little.

My forehead, weirdly, is completely clear asides from a wee patch (about the size of my fingerprint) of the tiniest blackheads you cant even really see.

Is it really worth seeing my doctor about this because my gran is on at me to go see it cos it cleared my dad and my uncle right up, but I feel very guilty about going to the doctor when I dont need to. Its wasting his time, and my mums money.

My regimen is as follows


Neutrogena Visibly Clear Exfoliating Face Wash

Clean & Clear Blackhead Pads

Nivea Visage Oil Free Moisturising Fluid

Then I slap my make up on


Wipe make-up off if can be bothered (very bad I know)

And about once a month I slap on this great tea tree gel or do a tea tree face mask

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You aren't saying how old you are but guessing you're too young to pay for your own treatment? If you are earning money and feel guilty about getting your mum to pay for it, you could talk to her and maybe suggest that you share the cost if that makes you feel better? I'm sure any good mum will be happy to help out with it and wouldn't have a problem with it.

Either way, going to the doctor for some treatment is not a bad thing.

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I'm 16 in June, and we have medical insurance so its not that big a deal but I want to make sure I'm not wasting my time and the doctors time is all really. Thanks for the advice

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