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scab problem

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overall my skin isn't too bad but i frequently suffer from large spots around my chin and mouth area. i had a large spot near my lip last week, i don't even know wtf it was to be honest because it didn't have a head, i think it was a papule (sp?). anyway, i left it for a few days to see if it would clear up but it only proceeded to get worse so i squeezed it last night. now this morning i just have a huge and very unattractive scab which is a bit painful to touch. i know i need to just leave it to heal now but it's my birthday on wednesday and i really dont wanna have this horrible scab on my face. is there any way i can speed up the healing process? i know if i pick at it now, then it will just bleed and a new scab will form, which will just prolong things. any advice would be really helpful, thanks

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Id say try ur best to dry that sucker out.... whenever i have cycts I anticipate the scab flaking off it usually takes like 2 days if i can dry it out real good like whenever you have free time soak a cottonball with salt on it and douce it with bp and if your lucky you will see the edges a lil flakey in a few days and when i see that i use tweezer to see if it will come off and the whole scab usally comes off with ease... idk if u can do that by wednesday though....

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well i have been putting savlon on it throughout the day which has only seemed to have softened up the scab! i will try the cottonball thing later tonight and then just go to bed, hopefully it will dry up a bit overnight. thanks for the advice people

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