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Tea Leaf Oil

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Hi guys,

I managed to clear off my acne before by using pro activ, but after a few months it came back. One of my co workers noticed it and gave me a bottle of tea leaf oil. I have been on this thing for about a week and it seemed to be keeping me clear. However I did break out the first 3 days of using this...but after the break out I cleared off pretty well and it seems to work miracles on hyperpigmentations as well. I just thought id share this with you guys maybe it will work well for you as well. It does have a very awful smell and dries your skin...its best to use the tea leaf oil then put on a moisturizer like aloe vera. I have been doing this for a while now and its making the aloe vera working soo much better. The tea leaf oil can be used with benzoyl peroxide as well it will make it work substantially better. Ill give you guys a update on soon, maybe its just too soon to tell. As I do have a devestating clear/burst effect on acne =/

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I'm assuming this is the same as tea trea oil??

I use the Environ Sebu range, wich has tea tree oil in it which is excellent for acne.

I use the mask directly onto spots overnight instead of BP as it's milder, it reduces redness and is

a natural antibacterial.

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Yes, I have a bottle of it in concentrate. I thought it was best for on-the-spot treatment vs. something like persagel. It was less drying. It didn't seem to prevent mine, but it did help the already appearing acne. If you can get past the nasty eye burning odor, it's worth the try. Please note, it's toxic if ingested.

Good luck to everyone!

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I've been using tea tree oil since late december and it's helped me signifigantly. So I would say go for it. It's best to mix it with the aloe vera gel rather than put it on straight. Plus have a good moisterizer or it will dry the hell out your face. But be patient and you will see results.

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