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Do we need a famous celebrity acne spokesman to educate non acne sufferers?

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It would be in the best interest for anyone and everyone suffering with this ultra satanic montrosity to appoint a spokes person for our behalf. We could call upon a famous celebrity like Tommy Lee Jones to help spread the word that people with acne are 'human' beings too!!

We just need to teach those ignorant folks that acne isn't as taboo as people think of it to be.

I have truly come to grips with the realisation that acne may stick with me for a very long time. As I continue living I only need my friends here to support me and God to show me the way.

Best wishes forever

- Marvin

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Tommy Lee Jones? I am not sure he would get the point across. Chuck Norris maybe.

Chuck Norris once swallowed an entire bottle of sleeping pills... They made him blink.

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How can Tommy Lee possibly do this, Marvin??? YOU "floated" him "up" during your Secret Rapture last week. IPB ImageHmm...sneeky Marvin..real sneeeeky.

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i uhhhhhh......... your banter is actually impossible to respond to now. another useless marvin post.

the actual idea is ok, just didn't have a agin person in mind. maybe you know someone who had acne and that is young enough to speak to all ages and have an effect.

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