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hi, i am always active in emo and phy effect on acne

and i noticed if i post something on other sub topics on the forum

it takes pretty long for it to respond with feedbacks well heres is my question that i am wondering about.

hi this is my regiment, let me explain!

first step is cleanse, a dove sensitive bar soap.

then a toner, sea breeze S.acid. 1%

and then B.P. 10% clearasil ultra

and then a neautrogena faical moisturizer with UVA/UVM sun protection 15 spf.

and also the for 10% bp i am slowly gonna build up my progess. so it will not give me side effects, as it did last time i tried LONG time ago.

i would buy a 2.5% i would be so happy, but i do not have the money and the time to wait. i'm starting this monday. i will get it as soon as my 10% runs out.

well i need help. and opinions? about my regiment?

thank you in advance

thanks! again


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Looks alright..i mean if u knwo ur skin handles the toner/moisturizer good without breaking u out...

otherwise honestly, i would drop the toner and maybe add it in later...

Maybe jsut cleanse with dove/apply ur bp/moisturize

Keep it simpler.

if i could change ur mind about that 10% that would be good.

u know that shit is wicked strong...i wouldnt put it on my face unless it was for spot treating.

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