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yes! back on accutane for second time... even after b5 cleared me

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ok....so last year i was on accutane from january until may/june. Then I was acne free and clear until december of 2005. Around January of this year I broke out so badly! I swear I fell into a depression and all and didnt know what to do. So I went to my doctor and she refered me to a derm but my appointment wasnt until march 23rd which just passed. I was desperate and luckily I found information on here about B5 and so I started taking about 5 mg of B5, fish oil pills, and multi vitamin pills...then after a month and a half my acne went away!! So my face is clear right now thanks to the b5, fish oil, and multi vit supplements that I was taking but I dunno if its a temp thing and so I asked my derm doctor to prescribe me accutane and she did!!! I just started taking accutane again and Im so happy and yet dissapointed because I feel like the B5 thing really does work and maybe accutane isnt necessary. But im not taking chances...what do you guys think? Should I just continue taking the supplements I was taking and add accutane to it or should I eliminate one or the other?

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hi pal i'm not long off my accutane course and i'm taking B5 to keep acne away even tho i prob dont need to but its not harmful so hey! i'm going to play it by ear but if my acne comes bak i hope i will be allowed a 2nd course too

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thanks eveyrone for your replies. yeah...im just gonna take accutane again since its only gonna be 40 mg. And on top of that... Im going to spain in august and i dont wanna take any chances with my acne coming back incase the b5 stops working. But yeah...b5 = vitamin b5 (or panthothenic acid) for the person that asked.

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