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Note About Copper Peptides

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I have been using CP for about six weeks and using the Super CP for two weeks; I've been having pretty bad headaches the last week, as well as feeling nauseated and having some depression. By process of elimination, Super CP was the only thing new that I had introduced to my regimen or diet. I did some research on copper and found that copper poisoning can occur, especially with women who tend to have high estrogen levels. Estrogen blocks absorption of copper and causes it to accumulate in the liver, brain and bloodstream, and will cause the symptoms I was having. I stopped using the Super CP for two days and the headaches/nausea/depression went away. I was SOOOOOOOOO disappointed because I don't want to stop using CP, as it seems to be producing such great results with people that are having needling done. Anyway, I found out that if you're using copper products, you need to supplement with magnesium and zinc, as well as eliminate or lower use of estrogen supplementation. So, I've added magnesium and zinc to my supplements, and started using Super CP once a day (I was using it 2xday). I also was using it all over my face but now I'm just using it as a spot treatment. Anyway, just thought I would share the info for those of you that are using CP products, just to keep an eye out for any of these symptoms.

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I am sorry you had this experience. I am glad to find this out as I was considering purchasing this product for myself and my daughter who has some mild scaring from an acident.

Please update if you continue to have symptoms after reducing use.


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