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I tried Yag laser. Will Cancel Smoothbeam. Will go on Accuta

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I recently went to a laser dermatology center and they recommended 1 Yag laser treatment and 2 smoothbeam treatments. I did the Yag laser once but didn't notice anything at all. 2 weeks later I got 3 huge, red, painful pimples - after applying over-the-counter medications (which contained benzoyle perioxide), the 3 huge pimples were gone but they've left a very dark red spot which now looks like it's developing into scar tissue. Normally I don't get these types of big red pimples. I have a scheduled smoothbeam procedure which I will cancel. Although I haven't tried smoothbeam yet, I don't want to risk getting more breakouts even though smoothbeam claims to get rid of pimples. I've been on accutane 8 years ago. I'm going to consider going on it again if I can convince my dermatologist. I have very oily skin. I will consider doing the excision / subscision in the future if I can find a surgeon who can do it. I know that every skin-type is different. All I can say is that the YAG doesn't seem to be working for me... maybe it's because it was one treatment. Anyways, I will never go back on the YAg laser.

These are only my experiences... do not let my opinion prevent you from getting your treatments done that could possibly benefit you. I don't want to take anything away from you. My skin type is different from yours.

After doing my own research, it looks like excision/subscision will probably be my next choice. I just find it hard to believe in my opinion that a laser can modify scar tissue to make it smooth again. Sometimes I feel like they sold me a dream. But then again, maybe it could work. I checked out smoothbeam.com and looked at the before/after photos and it looks impressive. What I'm saying to myself is, How did they achieve these results. What do you think folks?

CAN ANYBODY TELL ME IF SMOOTHBEAM ACTUALLY WORKED - IN A STRAIGHT-UP-FRONT MANNER? - I just want an honest opinion of someone who actually did it... positive or negative.

If later excision/subscision doesn't work, I will have to learn to live with these scars.

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