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Oh my god, clear skin equals confidence!

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Have you ever tried to say something to a girl, or anyone and it wont come out, like you have this speech block, its the damn acne, since getting rid of acne allmost... this shit disease is gone and I can talk confidently, seriously... no acne = confidence!

Dans regimen seriously kicks acnes ass!

And if I get one pimple or two... I put stickytape on it at night and it heals it 300% times faster.

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Merh. My acne has been mostly gone for a long while now and I still can't talk to girls for shite.

But then again thats just me.. :cool:

No acne does = confidence for most I figure. :)

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Its masking tape and you are supposed to put it on the zit at nite after washing with an acne soap. I tried it the other nite and I got a few zits where I didn't have any on my neck before and it also hurt when I took it off could be the reason why I got another couple of zits and it was even more red on my neck. So I went back to using neo cream on them at nite and it looks sooooooooooooooooooo much better, course it could just be my skin and others have great luck with it.

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Guest flutistgurl26

lol stickytape... it might work but the word it just funny.. stickytape stickytape stickytape!!

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Im using dans regimen now.. and have found out the stickytape trick does not work with this... I put it on a pimple it did not heal at all... seems to work with clearsil ultra this trick.. something to do with the salyci acid I feel.

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