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Clearsil Ultra Tinted = BP% Blocks Pores?

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IPB Image

I've been using this for well, let's say a year and a half now. My pimples keep coming and going, but I've noticed a correlation between this, and blocked pores. I read that when using BP at night, you should find clear, non clogging solutions? This definitely blocks my pores, and makes this raised red bump... so does Proactiv's repairing lotion. I'm using Persa-Gel (Clean and Clear)... and I think it's making me get more pimples.

I was wondering if this is the case for you guys--I mean, your medication blocking your pores, thereby, having more breakouts?

Also: Is it really necessary to put cold water on your face to close your pores? I've NEVER done that.. maybe I should try it?

Since I'm new, I'll post some pictures. It's weird.. in photos, I never see pimples, and people say my skin is fine, and they can't see pimples.. but in the mirror, I always notice bumps and scars. Acne always gets me self-conscious, and I'm glad that there's a site like this that helps people with it.

What has worked for me so far.. is this clearsil tinted treatment (that is a double-edge sword since it clogs pores while covering you up), drinking lots of water, excercise, and Apricot Scrub + Clearsil Ultra facewash.

People say you shouldn't use a washcloth, but when I did scrub.. I got rid of the whiteheads and clogged pores.. I'm not scrubbing now, and I notice even more pimples.

Lately, I've been using that Proactiv thing you use in the shower (the grainy solution).. and maybe it's making things worse. I'm skipping out on the repairing lotion and toner, as it's made my face worse/clogged... I think it's just ordinary toner and BP 2.5%

In some cases, I think BP makes my Acne worse.. even though it is supposed to kill bacteria. I'm trying to test the Salicylic Acid regime (acid wash, acid face pads) vs the BP one.

Do you guys put medication on your face before you sleep? It seems that you sweat the MOST when you sleep, and this is when pores get clogged up like crazy.



IPB Image

I have much better time when I have clear skin.

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

I am searching for a permanent acne solution.. and it's been 8 years of research: aloe regimen, BP regimen, s-acid, this scrub, vitamin E, and everything.

I'm going to give the BP regimen here a try wtih the persa-gel, I'll let you guys know =)

PS: I just bought Dan's BP tube, as well as Eucerin, the Nature's Cure medication (less risky than Accutane), and other stuff I'm going to experiment.

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I use that Clearasil BP, and yeah it does work but I don't know if it clogs my pores. But, I have noticed, everytime I start getting clear they reappear in the same areas. Should I consider trying a new BP, maybe Dan's BP. I don't know? For now I am going to use this.

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