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I have the following.

Proactiv: Cleanser, Toner, Oil Control, Repair (2.5% BP)

Eucerin: Redness Relief Moisture Night cream (tub w/ white cream), Redness Relief moisture morning cream (pump w/ blue cream), and Moisture (pump w/ white cream.

Cetaphil: Bar of soap

OK, I've been using the Proactiv on it's own until my skin got too dry and a simple contortion of my face would result in broken dry skin. The Proactiv moisture didn't help. The Eucerin Night cream which I used night and morning however, worked wonderfully for a week or two, until my face got more red, contrasting my body's pale skin, as if I tried to tan my face only. It has an oily look now with some dry skin on the face.

Italic font is what I got today. So now I washed my face with the Cetaphil soap earlier and my skin got very dry. So I experimented with the moisture. The Two new Eucerin's are annoying. The blue and white cream are applied but are visible and seem to be annoying when it comes to blending in. The reason I loved the Eucerin night cream was that it was a white cream and was not visible. It went on my face clearly and was unable to be seen aside the glow or oily look.

Am I gonna have to pick between reduced acne and dry skin or more acne and normal skin or can I do something?

I also have that wrinkly look around my sideburns and such, which I can't shake. Sometimes I get so frustrated I feel like punching my face. And even when I control most of the dryness, the oily look gets annoying.

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I'm really having problems with this. My problem now is both dry and oily skin. The Eucerin Redness Relief tub makes my skin oily looking and if I touch my face, my fingers look oily. I tried holding toilet paper on my face to absorb but it still doesn't make much of a difference.

On certain spots on my face my skin gets dry even while oily, and if I smile or something you can see the scales from the dead skin that hasn't broken off.

I really can't stomach this anymore and feel like stopping it all.

Can anyone help?

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