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Thanks for the note. Don't kill yourself over this, so whenever you get the time. But I do look forward to seeing your response. :D)

BTW, don't know if you touched on this in your response. I heard that even topical cpa or spodi____ (sorry forgot how to spell it. you know what I mean) are not good during pregnancy. Is it really that bad? How much can actually go into your body via facial skin?


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Sorry about last night =( I guess that was my que to go to bed, but I wish it could have been said nicer. He he, anyway, to answer your question about BC, yes it is an effective anti-androgen. Afterall, it's the first thing doctors tend to prescribe us women and for most, it works excellently. That's because estradiol (estrogen) is involved in increasing our SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) which has a HIGHER affinity to bind male steriod hormones. Therefore, estrogen helps to lower our circulating (free) androgens in that sense. I was actually on BC for 3 years and it did help. In fact, they tested my hormones after being on it for just 3 months and it had lowered my Free Testosterone levels by 50%. I can say that's pretty much how much my skin improved.. Yup, by 50% which is a nice start, but definately not good enough.

Now as for your question about Topical Spiro or Cyproterone Acetate (CPA), I personally never knew we could do that. Yet, most of us have been using topical prescprions anti-androgens for decades now, we just didn't know it. Perhaps RetinA is a more effective DHT inhibitor than Topical Spiro, but from what I read it doesn't have any negative side effects. I found some links for topical CPA (post below) and it does produce systemic effects, despite being applied topically. However, topical spiro doesn't cross that barrier or display these same effects, so it should be safe to use while pregnant (double check).

I posted links that show how to purchase or make your Topical Spiro solution. I suppose if you wanted to know if you are doing it correctly, you could always talk to a compounding pharmacist. What's great about these anti-androgens is how they can be used. They will decrease secondary body hair, idecrease DHT inhibited scalp hair growth, decrease oil, and decrease acne. So I may I have to make my own solution out of some of my Spiro pills and see what happens. Anyway, these are the links I found involving CPA:



talks about topical Flutamide and Finesteride:


If you want to take enzymes they can be highly expensive. If you think you have problem with carbs, then take Amylase. Otherwise take a blend of enzymes, but I dont' know what brand. I once came across a company that offered "prescprition" level ones and they had them for various problems including acne & skin disorders (I'll look for it). As for what detoxes you should take, I'm faaar from the expert there. My rec. is that you visit http://www.curezone.com and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/acnediets/ to see what they are doing. However I'm familar with some of the neccessities of a good detox and they involve Vit. C, NAC, Milk Thistle, Dandelion (blood purifier), etc and I bumped into this formula. It has gotten good reviews and looks highly affordable http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...andFilter=26070 Most of the ingredients shouldn't break you out, but if you are allergic to certain flowers then you may not want this. However most detoxes are similar or have ingredients that I'm not familar with.

Here's some FYI on mostly natural treatment recs:

http://www.thiele.fptoday.com/ta/acnehome.htm (free regimen)

http://www.acne-advice.com/diet/index.shtml (detox info)

http://www.naturalhealthnotebook.com/Healt...oblems/Acne.htm (detox info)






http://www.acnediet.co.uk/ (free acne diet, must email her)

http://www.lef.org/protocols/prtcl-117.shtml ( this one seems more comprehensive)



Hope that helped and have fun =)

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Thanks a lot for the info, sweetjade. It may take me a while to absorb the info, I may come back with more question afterwards. :-)

Have a good week.

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