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peace of mind

what are they looking for?

my doc didnt have any objections, and i have an extremely mild case but im greedy so i wanted to get rid of it fast :cool:

Only thing i can think of is if u have something wrong with ur blood or any weird diseases or something like that...other then that the convincing mom part is hard, but my mom went along with it.

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idk..anything thats not normal lol, u should be fine unless u have high cholesterol or are very obese cause maybe u wll have to lower ur fat level or somtehing cause accutane can raise triglycerides. But if ur not very obese and dont have high cholesterol i think ur fine

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naw I'm not overweight or anything and I don't think I got high cholesterol. Thanks. anyone else or is it really that simple?

Some doctors/derms wont give accutane at all or until youve tried xxx amount of bullshit. Some just look at you and give it.

If you get it (and if you want it, I hope you get it) you will take a bloodtest possibly before treatment starts to check your blood and triglycerides and all that gay stuff.

I would come off whatever you're on for acne to make it seem bad as can be if its not to serious at the moment.

Best of luck!

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