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Need help, on the verge of Depression/Breakdown

Hi, long time lurker (year ish) but never really had the courage to post... until now....

I've suffered from acne for 8 yrs, but now.. it's currently fading - clear, but scaring has occured...

My life is full of lies, no one really knows me (friends & family) as i've never spoken to anyone about my problems (Acne), i've no one really to talk to, simply because none of my friends & family has/had acne and won't understand, i'm just a person who is dying inside because of my acne & scaring. I feel im gonna drop deep into depression or just breakdown because i have no one to confide.

The reason why i've never spoken to anyone about my problems is because i've always felt embarassed talking to others about it.

just wondering if anyone would like to chat on MSN? it would be a great help.. (and i'm feeling lonely :( )

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Welcome, and nice one for posting...

'Fraid my msn is kaput at the minute.. But you're in the right place my friend... There's thousands of people,whose company you're now in that know how you feel...and while that in itself is some solace..knowing you're not alone,the real help will come from the knowledge which you'll gain from the users here.

And the beauty of posting on a forum is that you never feel embarrassed.. Speak freely,and get things off you shoulders...Carrying too much weight is never good.

I hope that you find some peace here,and some good advice to take you to the next,happier phase in your life.

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Hey! Definitely feel free to pm me or email me whenever you want to talk. It took a lot of courage for you to speak up on this forum- we can appreciate that :angel:. Here's my email for msn: [email protected]

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Man this is my first post, only just found this site and would usually read forums for a little while before I post, but I've read some posts on here and this one, and this has actually brought a tear to my eye! :cry:

I know how you feel, and by the looks of it a lot of people on here do aswell. I've suffered with acne for years and found it extremely hard to talk to anyone about it,especially friends and family. There's only been a select few people I've ever spoken to about it, and even then it's hard to let them know how I feel. I've had low self-esteem since I was about 15/16, probably earlier, and I'm now 20.

Talking to people on here regularly will help, a lot of people on here seem like a nice bunch just by reading several topics and have reminded me of myself over the last few years.

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