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I'm convinced......................

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I'm convinced that I'm allergic to BP. It clears up my acne like no other, but my face is bright red (looks like I have a bad sun burn all year round) all day long. I would rather have a few pimples here and there instead of a bright red face. My question to you is this................How can I stay clear without using BP? I've been washing my face off with soap every night in the shower, then using a Beta Hydroxy face wipe made by Johnson & Johnson. I also rinse my face off every morning in the shower, but do not apply soap to it, so that it doesn't become irritated. Just wondering if you guys know of any products or techniques I can use for acne without BP. I haven't heard of any and I am pretty well read on the subject of acne, so I'm kind of desperate here. Thanks.

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I know exactly how you feel about the redness on the face. I will go out and my friends will be like "what happened to your face? Why is it so red?" etc... when I had a few acne, no one ever said anything to me like "your zit is huge or you have zits on you"

I was wondering, what do you plan on doing to get rid of those redness? I've been off BP for 2 weeks now but its not healing at all. So I am wondering if you got rid of the redness already or what you plan on doing to get rid of it.


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My redness has gone down a little bit, but my face looks a little red still. Have you tried using some aloe vera? We had some laying around the house and I used it for a few days.

Also, have you been breaking out since getting off the BP? I've been off for about 2 weeks as well and I'm having breakouts of tiny pimples.

I think these tiny pimples may have been cause by the soap that I've been using on my face in the shower (Old Spice Scented Soap) so I may stop using it and use a different bar for a while to test out the results. Well, best of luck with your acne, as I know how you're feeling.

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I am glad your redness has gone down a bit but can you tell me what aloe vora is so I can find some at my drug store? If you can, can you tell me whats in it?

Even before I was on the regimen, I didnt break out much. It was just that one time I got like 4-5 new zits at once so I had to do something about it so I tried the regimen. So my answer is no, I havent break out much since I stopped. Maybe 2-3 new small zits that will go away within a week.

Do you think its a good idea to stop using EVERYTHING? Like soap in shower, moisturizer, bp, etc... ? The only problem is I have extremely dry skin so when I dont moisturizer the red areas, it kinda looks like my skin is breaking off (flaking), I dunno if that will make it worst. Anyway, thanks for your input.


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Aloe vera is basically a green looking gel substance that should be relatively easy for you to find. I will not guarantee to you that this will work, but it won't hurt anything. It is supposed to help with the healing of skin, so I figured it would be good for healing the redness.

I don't think that it is a good idea to stop using everything, because you do need to clear your skin of all the bad things like bacteria, dirt, and oil. I guess it just requires finding the right soap and right ways to clean your face.

Just wondering if anyone else has tried this, but my nose gets pretty oily and gets a pimple every once in a while. Today, I put a strip of clear tape on my nose and let it stay on my nose for about 5 minutes and pulled it off. When I pulled it off, there was an entire layer of crap on it and my nose looks a lot better tonight. Anyone tried this?

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Are you using 2.5% BP or a higher concentration? That could be a cause.

If you read my regimen log, I note that my face has really lightened up after going from 10% to 2.5%.

Also, you may be allergic to BP. When I bought from no-acne.com, they said that 3% of the population is allergic and that they would send their soap if I needed it.

Well, I guess now you can buy their soap seperately, which they claim helps people who are allergic. You can check it out here:


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Well i feel you guys!!

i've stopped BP and trying to heal my skin.

Alovera you mean pluck it out from the pot and slobber it on my face..

please guide me on the usage ,how long to leave on........etc.....


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