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I-pledge answers

It is different for women i hope someone posts it for women too.

I went to the derm today he told me he couldnt get i-pledge to work for any of his patients. I needed my accutane i'm a persistant SOB with cystic acne so there was no way i was taking no for an answer. Heres how i did it. I sat down with my dr and went through it with him step by step.

I went to his office and filled out paper work in a binder (side effects) and got my yellow card.

Then we went to the computer and went to this website


your dr. should already have a user name and password.

Go to the option for Adding in a new patient, go through it with the doctor you'll need your social security, number, email etc

** This ones big **

Next you must make sure the doctor goes under your name and confirms that he counsled you this month and hits the confirm button without it you wont get your prescription. Just because your registered doesnt mean you can get your prescription your doctor has to confirm!

Men on accutane do not get a user id or password so dont worry about that.

Last but not least if you smell something is fishy or your derm is having problems with it chances are you wont get through to speak to a real person on i - pledge. My derm said he tried for hours for another patient. The only way i've found to talk to a real person is if you pretend your pregnant and use that automated option i got through in only 15 min.

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Thanks for posting this-I had a similar question for females, but I just got back from the dermatologist today, so if anyone is interested in the timeline for females, here goes.

I had my first doctor's appointment today, where we decided I would take a second course of accutane.

I pregnancy test today, and I had to confirm that I've been using condoms and oral contraceptives. I signed and initialed all of the waiver forms, and my doctor entered me into the system and said I would receive my password via email within 7 days.

I have to go back in 31 days (The nurse was very, very specific-it has to be at least 31 days) for a second round of pregnancy tests. In the 7 days after my second round of pregnancy tests I have to see my doctor again for "birth control counseling", pick up my prescription, answer the online questions, and fill my prescription.

It doesn't seem to bad to me. My doctor's office seems to be very on top of things and I guess they've gotten used to the ipledge system.

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dont forget the moisturizers, vitamin E (optional), chap sticks and aquaphor ...

yes it does cost alot. I am nearing month 2 and it hasnt worked for me so far ... but if it does it will be well worth it.

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from that link it seems like its mainly for women and pregnancy?

They make guys go through it too no real logic to it ... damn inefficient bureaucracy :)

and why do you need to speak to a real person at i pledge?

you dont NEED to but if there is a problem and your in the middle of your treatment and you dont want to go through hell of doing it all over again it may be your only way of getting through

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