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23 days without Tane

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Well I just finished month 4 and my skin has dramatically improved from how it was, but i cant get my next prescription for another 23 days because of ipledge. Is there anyone else that has already gone thru this and knows what might happen to my skin during this break and after I go back on tane?? :eh: Ive been on 60mg a day.

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sorry if this is not what you want to hear but...i was going to be without mine for 5 days cos the derm office messed up my appointment, when i spoke with my derm he said i cannot be without for 5 days cos it will mess up my treatment so he has seen me early instead. but im only on month 2 so being 4 month down the line may be ok cos some courses only last 4 months.

hope ot goes ok for u

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Hi patientbabe..

May be during this period you can ask your doctor to prescribe another medicine/antiobiotik just to keep it clear.

As for breakout I guess if the skin is already clear (no more crap :)) there will be no breakout..

Good luck for you..

What a long winding path to a clear skin.

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this really sucks :( well im gonna try to keep my hopes up. I actually just left a message for my derm asking if he could prescribe me something else so hopefully he gets back to me.

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