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Well i was just curious... I have a small bump on the side of my chin which as been there for about a week. It is painless and it white with somewhat discoloured skin around it. this bump had once been an active pimple but now it it just sitting there!! i put bp on it. Will it gradually go away even though it has no head? i really dont feel like taking the chance and poking it with a needle. and on a side note.. i did not know until today that it was even possible to get another pimple exactly on the spot of a red mark!! errr.. Thanks


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I know exactly what that is.

it was an Active pimple that just went to sleep right? it just sits there with no pain, not even swelling or anything, just a little bump right?

Well This is what usually happens with them( MY experience):

They usually just sit dormant for a long time ( 3weeks- 1 1/2 month) it will get smaller and smaller after a while and just disappear. It like dies from within.

However just because it's not there anymore doesnt really mean the PImple is Dead, sometimes they come back and eventually become thos little nasty Nodules. Good thing about it is that the second time around they are much easier to pop.

I have one on the bridge of my nose that has been sitting there for about 2 weeks....It's not noticable to the naked Eye because there is no inflamation or anything, just a little bump....I have faith it's going away.

By the way I dont recommend for you to NOT even attempt to touch it, it will only make things worse. The infection is from within if you fuck with it it'll just get worse trust me!....Theonly time you attempt to pop it is when it's pulsating( you'll know when that time comes), You'll feel this pain that just screams out " POP ME" lol.

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