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whiteheads on scalp

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I recently broke out with whiteheads in the back of my head in my hair on the scalp. I also have a few whiteheads on my hairline in the front of my head. It itches and can be painful at times. Anyone know a good way to help it?

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Shampoo, Hair Gel, Hair Tonic,

You name it

I know that when I use HairGel more frequently than usual (I do when hair is longer) that I find little whitehead bumps around my hairline that go away withen 3-5 days.

If you want to, at night time try putting BP on those areas. I have tried that before and its helped a lot. As for itching, not so much here, that would probably result from a product.

Do you have dandruff, maybe that's causing your itching? I don't personally have dandruff, but switching to a Dandruff shampoo, works for me to prevent itching, plus in the winter it keeps my scalp not as dry and itchy as well.

-- Does anyone know of Hair Gel that does not clog pores or anything - So far I have not found such a product. I'm guessing there is none?

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I get those too....God those little suckers hurt....I only get them at certain times of the month though....

I've though about switching to an anti-dandruff shampoo, just to reduce some of the little microbes that may be causing this.....

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