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Hey, I've been doing many many variations of topical medicines, and Dynacin, and Tazorac, both forms,get my face extremly extremely dry. Differen is working, but not anymore. Friday, my face broke out and I have two large large pimples about my lip next ot my nose. For these, I may get injected tommorow, but if I go, I have many questions for my doctor. I'de like to run them by you first, because I feel my doctor isn't telling me enough, or doesn't exactly "know" what's going on, and he seems to be half-assing my treatments. I am very interested in starting accutane, or a form, but I am aware there are blood tests, and the iPLEDGE program. First of all, I want to know how much blood is taken, and if it's really that big of a deal. Is there any forms of accutane that don't require blood tests? I am 14 years old, and I am about 5'8" and 170lbs, so how would a small dosage, like 20 or 40 mg effect me? I mean, my brother is applying aquaphor everytime he could, and it seems like big trouble. Is there anything I should be worried about as far as starting accutane, because my acne isn't that bad, but breakouts are very very random and extremely bothersome. Also, I wanted to know about scarring, most of my "scarring" as my doctor would call it, are just little red or brown marks on my face, and he said that is because the acne is getting better. I want to know how I can get rid of this, the only method he informed me of is a chemical peel, any info on chemical peels would be great too. Then, there are a few that looks like pimples, on my nose for example, but are very low and do not hurt if touched. What would you suggest for treating this?

My current regimine


wash face with St. Ives apricot invigorating scrub

take one 100mg dynacin pill

Home from school (~3PM)

Wash face with scrub

Before sleep (~10-11PM)

Wash with scrub

Apply differen

Any help is welcome, and thanks in advance. I hate to write an essay, but I feel like my doctor isn't doing a great job, and I just want to confirm some of the information he is giving me to help me judge whether or not he is a good enough doctor for me and my family. Once again, thanks in advance.

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personally i've had more luck with dans regime than any other perscription crap besides accutane. i'm on accutane now but have only been on for 25 days so all i can tell you is this.

- youd probably want to start at 40mg

- face is dryer but nothing too crazy

- lips are dry but nothing too crazy

- lower back pains come and go, but i can deal with it.

in the end it'll be worth it.

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First off you might be braking out because your regimen is too harsh on your skin. Washing your face with a scrub 3 times a day is not recommended. If you were to use a daily scrub, it would only be needed once a day with a gentle cleanser on the side.

As for Accutane your doctor might think you're a little young for it, and the younger you take the drug the more chances you have of getting new breakouts after you're done with the course.

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You are only fourteen, and it probably be a long time before you grow out of acne. Accutane is the only drug that can send your acne into permanent remission. If you cannot get completely clear with antibiotics or topicals I would definetely go with accutane.

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