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I think this will be my last post on this board, and the last time I come here. My acne is gone thanks to accutane and my red marks have completely faded. I would like to thank everybody here for there contibution on this board, you have been very helpful.

I used to get down about my acne. I felt extremely depressed about it everyday, and it pretty much destroyed my confidence. However, what helped me get out of this situation was this.

I lost faith in myself, and constantly tried to seek the attention of others, clinging to everybody. People began to ignore me, and I just felt worse. Then one day I decided to fuck everybody else. Im doing what I want, when I want, how I want. I didnt become a jerk, but I also didnt give off the vibe that I was clingy or needy. Basically, I pretended that I was the coolest guy in the world, and if anybody thought differently, fuck'em. Nice guys finish last in my experience.

Even with my acne, people started to respect me. I started to become more popular and attractive with this attitude. I also felt so much better about myself as well.

Rule 1: Dont let anybody get you down because your better than them.

Rule 2: Dont worry about what others think about you. You are what you are, nothing can change that.

If you act like you dont need anything to be happy, then people will respect you and want to be with you. Soon you will believe it too. trust me. You will not have to rely on clear skin to be satisfied with yourself.

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:clap: good job CONGRATULATIONS!

i hope i can do that too, feel better about myself. today i entered this changing room with some clothes that i wanted to try on and... i really looked beautiful in the mirror, i felt great. i was only wearing a blush and i curled my eyelashes as i always do but i felt beautiful. hopefully i'll feel this way everyday from now on though i'm sure i won't :cry:

i don't want to go outside even though cleared.

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Yay! Good for you :angel:. You definitely have a nice, positive vibe going on. I agree that you shouldn't rely on others for happiness, that has to come from yourself. I try to live that way, but obviously it doesn't always work out. There are things that are going to get to you even when you try not to let it. We're social beings :angel:. We just need to picks ourselves up again and again, and try to live our lives and enjoy it while we can. I'm happy with myself and I have fun, and that's what's important to me. I wish you the best!!

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