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How difficult is it to get an accutane prescription?

Hi, i was just wondering how serious your acne has to be before you can get prescribed roaccutane? I ALWAYS have spots on my face, although it is not that serious. However, i have tried tonnes of other medication, like minocin-MR (minocyline), zineryt, stiemcylin solution and benzoyl peroxide, and my skin is still not clear, or any better after taking these. I really want perfect skin to improve my confidence, as sometimes i do not even want to go out, as i dont want people to see me with bad skin...if i explain the psychological affects that acne is having on me to my doctor and a dermatologist, will they prescribe me it?

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My acne is mild, but persistent. I have been on almost 30 different types of anitibiotics and cremes over about a 3 year period. I was going to the same derm the whole time and I don't think he would have ever presribed me Accutane. I switched derms a few months ago and w/ in seconds of her walking in the room she told me I was going to go on Accutane- if only I would have went to her 3 years ago.

There are doctors that are never going to prescribe the medication- some because they legally can't and others becaues they don't like the medication. You will have to talk to your derm and find out if Accutane would ever be an option.

I would go in an be straight w/ your derm. Tell them how the acne is bothering you emotionally, but don't go overboard- just be truthful.

Good luck.

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gotta keep switching derms and find one thatll give it to you. my 3rd derm i went to said he loves perscribing it because he's been on it himself and has seen what it can do.

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