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Cleanser, BP, Moisturizer

Hey guys. Firstly, i'm really really happy to have found this website. A site where there are people who really understand how u feel with this whole acne issue revolving :) Next, i think CSR is worth to try or in fact - so much better and reliable than what those skin care promoters claimed to be good for acne. All they want is to promote their product, blindly and earn whole lot of money :cry: How many are there who truly care? Not many but I can definitely see them in this forum ;)

So anywhat, i've yet to start this regimen because i have some doubts to clear. I need help!! :razz:

1) I've been using proactiv for about a year plus. I'm looking to change product because i know proactiv cleanser is way too harsh although it works. Then i came across this website, and saw CSR. Now, i'm wondering is it ok to use any suitable (to my condition) type of cleanser to go with this regimen?

Eg. Clearasil Daily Face Wash?

How about aloe vera gel product (sorry, can't remember the exact name of it. Some promoter introduced me that and was a japanese product. Then i read from this forum that 100% aloe vera gel does have effects on acne)

2) Do i look for a product that contains2.5% BP? Or a pure2.5% BP product? I hope u get what i'm asking -.- lol

3) Is it ok to use proactiv mositurizer after the BP? Like if i were to use a 2.5% BP, would it be better to use a mositurizer withoutBP after that? Or should i use other suitable type of moisturizers?

4) I have some holes (i don't know what it's actually called lol) on my face, aftermath of acne. And am wondering if there are any cures to it :(

Aight, that's for now. :D So excited on the thoughts there are hopesssssss Weeeeeeeeeeee

All replies appreciated. Thanks in advance ;)

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Hey iLlievee. Glad to hear that you've joined our acne.org family. :D I have been on the regimen now for almost 2 weeks and so far it has been great for me. I have mild acne and like you was on ProActive for alomst a year. I loved ProActive for the first 6-8 months or so, but my acne came back toward the end. To try and answer some of your questions.....go to the "Supplies You'll Need" part under the Clear Skin Regimen link. This is a really great suggested list of supplies, that are in your local Walgreens, Walmart, Target, CVS...whatever. You should really follow the regimen as close as you can. It really works if you jsut use the supplies Dan suggests, and read the step by step and watch the video. I wouldn't stray away from the supplies suggested until you are on the regimen and decide if you need to use something different to cater to your skin. If you have any other questions, let me know.

Good Luck

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