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ok ive had acne since i was 12 years old (am now 20) went on oxytetracycline for 3 years which cleared it up.. then it started coming back so went back on oxytetracycline but to no avail. then from my 18th birthday ish onwards it got progressively worse i tried everything including n-lite treatment (do NOT reccomend) it got to the point i wouldnt go out i have boils all over my neck and up on my cheeks, bad cytic acne it was everywhere made me feel sick to look at myself.

in november 05 i went on lymecycline and started to take vitamins and changed my face wash and my skin is improving so much its unbelievable. i havnt been on here for a while as i havnt needed to but i figured i should share my success. i still have scarring and a few boils on my neck but the majority of lumps have gone! the face wash i now use is the tea tree oil one from the body shop its amazing my skin always cracked and peeled before especially while on the pro active and acne gets worse when skin is dry, this wash is brilliant. i also apply the actual oil at night from the body shop and use the mask once a week. brilliant!

vitamins i have been taking are 1500mg vit c, 45 mg zinc, 400 iu vit e, omega 3, b complex, b6 and evening primrose oil 1000mg x2

and also the lymecycline

now i dont know what it is that has worked but im carrying on with all of it as i dont want to risk it coming back. all i can say is that it is so nice to actually be able to feel the contours of my face again when washing or cleansing. :) good luck everybody!


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