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Accutane for a month and side effects

I've been on Accutane (40mg 2x a day) for a month today and in, I think, about the 3rd week of being on Accutane I started to have random nosebleeds. Not everyday but every few days my nose will either bleed randomly or after I blow my nose.

Recently I've been feeling a lot more tired (my eyes are drier than usual) and this weekend I could feel more body aches as well as a little, random abdomen pain. Part of me thinks this is just normal side effects and although they've progressively gotten worse, I want to believe that I'm okay and that I should and can continue taking my Accutane prescription.

Could anyone here give me some insight and advice? I think I should call my dermatologist tomorrow just to make sure but has anyone else had similar problems with good results in the long term? Should I be concerned or just stick it out for a while longer? I don't want to do any permenant damage to my body.

I guess on a similar note, should I avoid milk all together since it contains vitamin A? Which foods should I drop and which foods should I consume more often?

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Do you have ringing in your ears and headches as well?

Go see your derm, and if he is worried, he should lower your dose to 60 or 40 mg/day.

As for food:

While on tane, you want to avoid food and products rich in Vitamin A and especially retinol (that will transform into vitamin A in your body).

Biggest sources of retinol are:

- liver

- egg yolks

- some cereals (check the box)

- milk, cheese, butter, fortified

margarine (check the box)

- fish oil from livers

- multivitamins (check the box)

Biggest sources of carotenoids (which will transform into vitamin A, but the ratio is 12 times lower than retinol)

- sweet potatoes

- green leafy vegetables (spinach)

- ripe papaya, ripe mango

- pumpkin, cantaloupe

- carrots

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yikes! my diet needs to change because there are generally eggs, milk, and cheese in a lot of what I eat regularly (like cereal for breakfast, eggs sometimes, and milk throughout the day).

I guess that eating most fruits and veggies are okay as well as beef, chicken and fish? I bought some salmon and avacados to help with eating the right foods, but besides all the carbs like pasta and breads, what other foods should I eat?

Also, I'd love to get some advice on these side-effects that I'm having! My derm can't talk to me until tomorrow and that's not good!

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