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I just had my 3 treatment with fraxel laser i would say i have mid to moderate ice pick, rolling, and boxcar scars on my temple. Rollingscars have improved a lot and now im worried about my boxcar and ice pick scars because there hasnt been much of a difference to them from what i can tell. I had strength 15 and 3 waves, 18 in 3 waves and 21 in 2 waves. Dont see much of a improvement besides the fact that around my ice pick and boxcar scars i see its improved being that the ice pick and boxcar seem too deep to fix. I was thinking about TCA CROSS and wanted to know from a asian thats done it what TCA cross strength also the websites posted on this site was for 100% TCA cross only and wanted to know if anyone knows of a lower strength cross. I would say im not super light but i got a little tan skin.

If u want fraxel laser from my experience here it is give info on TCA cross as well plz

3 Treatments

1st strength 15 3 waves no improvement

2nd strenght 18 3 waves improvement to mild rolling scars

3nd strength 21 2 waves improvement to mild rolling scars

regarding ice pick and boxcar scars its seem theres no improvement maybe there too deep to treat

yes it hurt too the 21 strength hurt bad because there no way to put injections to relieve pain on temple i had to use that numming cream and it didnt work to good.

for both temples which are small areas $300 dollars per treatment which i am not complaining about.

Also i noticed i dont get ance in the areas i got treated with fraxel laser it feels smoother and no more ance since i first got it done. I also red some people getting acne post fraxel laser but for me there was none.

Please leave websites and strength for TCA cross for asian skin please

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How long ago did you get fraxel done and is there any discoloration between your treated skin and normal skin?

I think 50% or 100% is fine for medium to light asian skin. The korean CROSS study showed pictures of what looked to be medium type skin.

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I have tanned skin, im indian and i've had 90%tca cross 3 times. i also had fraxel which didnt do anything for my ice pick scarring, but the tca is working great, alot of the picks are closing up. and it doesnt affect my skin, the redness in the treated areas last a few days, but the scabs last about 7 days. After the scabs come off there is no discoloration in my skin at all, it looks normal.

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Pocket Ace

Well yeah there is a slight discoloration but thats part of the healing process i wouldnt recommend going any higher than 21 for my skin tho cause its taking like 2 weeks for my skin color to come back for the strength 21 setting.

strength 15 color came back within 5 days or so

strength 18 color came back within 10 days

strength 21 color is coming back its been about 2 weeks now

Theres a risk in discoloration for fraxel laser cause they told me they wouldnt do african americans because theres a high risk of discoloration but of course for those skin types they test it on your arm to test how it reacts to your skin but for asian skin they go a head and do it cause risks are really low because we dont have as much pigment as indian or afican skin but more than white skin.

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