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swollen lymph nodes

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I have a strange swollen lymph node on my neck that I've had for years. It gets larger and smaller depending on how bad my breakouts are. I told my dermatologist about it once and she told me it was that it was draining my acne infection. I think I remember my grandma telling me that my uncle had to have some of these removed for acne, but I'm not sure.

Has anybody had these lumps before? Did anything make them go away? Accutane isn't working for me right now, and it has only made my chin and neck area much worse, near where I have this swolled lymph node. I think I have a bad infection in this area that needs a really strong antibiotic. Has anyone had a related experience?

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My sister had really bad swollen lymph nodes from cystic acne as a teenager. Antibiotics helped and Accutane cured her of cystic acne (she just had mild premenstrual flair ups as an adult). I had a really bad case of mono as a kid an often have swollen lymph nodes (one is permentaly swollen). I notice that if my acne flairs up really bad my glands in my head and neck swell and become tender. It's from infected lesions (nasty pustules and cysts) draining. They suck because they hurt. Right now I have one under my arm swollen and sore from a cyst on my shoulder.......I won't dare tell my derm about them though, since that'll give him yet another reason to push the antibiotics..........

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