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I think I have a small one under my skin, under my chin...

From the outside, it looks a small red bump (maybe only about a centimeter or so in diameter), its nothing major. I just want to know, is it a cyst, and could it get worse? I've seen pictures or some, and they terrify me, truly terrify me. Well, its been there a few months, and it didn't come to my attention that it could be a cyst because I have moderate acne. It annoys me sometimes when I go to sleep, and it does hurt sometimes when I apply pressure onto it.

I think I had a cyst on my upper back once, it was maybe 3 centi-meters, but it may have not been. I think it may have came from a spider bite and been something completely different... I'm not sure at all what went on the there. One day, I had a really ugly looking swolen area on my upper back, with 2 small holes (looked liked something bit me, probably a spider), and it swelled up, and it was very soft, I could have punctured it very easily. But I decided to leave it as I tought it may have been better to let it try and go away on its own. Well, going to sleep one night, it popped, and my white shirt, had an area or yellow/redish stain from puss/blood. Came back again two days later. Popped again when I went to sleep. Came back again a week later, but not as bad, same thing, popped on its own when I went to sleep. Hasn't came back for months. I just don't know if it was a cyst or not, only thing making me possibly think it was was that it was in an acne effected area.

But enough of that, I'm just concerned with what's under my chin. Any help much appreciated.

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