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Acitive People

I've been on Dan's CSR for a little over a month, and it has been improving my originally moderate acne. My infected areas are the cheeks on my face and the back of my neck (moderate), and slightly on my shoulders (mild), pretty much been that way for the past 3 years. (I didn't really take any acne meds, I refuse to take pills, but now I pretty much really want rid of this acne, I don't think I can wait it for it o just eventually "go away" by itself in my early 20s).

Due the cold weather where I live in the winter, I'm not really to active. But now that spring and summer will be here soon, and the fact that it tends to get very humid in the summer time which equals my face getting dreanched in sweat sometimes, I have a few questions...

Pretty much, for physically active people, what exactly are your acne routines...

Like, if I apply wash/apply BP gel in the morning, play basketball in the afternoon, or lift, workout, whatever, when I wash my face, does it mean I should re-apply BP? And if I do, should I apply it again in the night? Also, I like to go to the beach, and surf sometimes, and hell, surf in New Jersey sucks, but when I do go into the ocean (which does include in the winter by the way, surf is better during the winter time here ;)), how does ocean water effect the skin? I hear it does well, but what about against acne infected skin? Do I need to re-apply BP after coming out of the ocean, or wait until the night (ocean water tends to dry up my skin for a few hours as long as I don't take a shower and wash off all the salt).

By the way I'm 18 years old if that has any significance at all what so ever.

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What I usually advise is to do the Regimen in the a.m.

go out and live your life, enjoy your day. If you are going to be doing an activity where you will be sweating alot or swimming, you might consider just rinsing off the bp/moisturizer right before your activity, as it tends to surface when wet and you look a bit ghostly. Then, enjoy your activity. Do the Regimen again before you go to bed in the p.m.

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