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How I got Clear + My Life Story + Ask me questions + Help

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Hey everyone. Hope this will turn out to be a thread to help people out. I am 15 years old (I know, I havn't had acne for a long time, and my life hasn't been long). It all started in grade 7. I remember going in, everyone was clear. Noone had skin problems. I mean, when we went on over-night school trips, we washed our faces with like soap and water. It was great! All that bothered us was our personality, not really our looks. Grade 8, I got a pimple here and there. Here was my grade 8 regimen:

1. Wash with Water, and this make up remover my mom gave me. She said it was good, although I am a guy, she said it would wash my skin.

2. Apply either Clearasil stick with 2% salicylic acid or use the clearasil acne cover-up creme which contains sulphur

That is what I used in grade 8. It kept my clear. Then, summer came. Oh boy...did it hit hard. I broke out on my forehead, my inner cheeks (near the nose), on the nose (I got some whiteheads there) and got pretty damn oily. What did I decided to do about this? My mom brought me to the doctor. I went to the doctor, and he prescribed me with the following:

1. Differin Gel

2. Spectrol Gel Cleanser

I thought this would work wonders, since it was from a doctor. What I noticed from the Differen was that my skin got pretty red and dry. I then discovered the Oxy5 Coverup formula, which makes my skin looks better. I know I am a guy, but I want to look my best still.

Grade 9 hit. People saw me differently. I was no longer the outgoing, chick magnet kinda guy. I turned more quiet, and no longer went out as much. My face was filled with pimples (I was pretty moderatate..but on the severe side). I was so oily, that in pictures, you would only see the shine in me. I still remember back in the day when I got a pimple, it was such a big thing. To all those with severe acne: We're all in in together. Don't give up! Keep reading!

Well anyway, Grade 9, of course, was graduation at my school. In mid grade 9, I went to the doctor, and he finally recommended a derm. I went in around april, and she prescriped RETIN-A. I thought it would have so many side effects! But it didn't really help, just made my skin really sensitive. Like REALLY sensitive from the sun and stuff. In 2 months, I saw no improvment, and my derm put me on Minocyclin (in around late May). I thought I would be clear for Graduation. However, I was not. My skin was still pretty shiny / pimply, but as summer came, I tried to have fun. It was hard, because I easily got sunburned while on Minocyclin. I was on this medication for a while, along with Retin-A. My new regimen was like this:

1. Clean with Clearsil Cleanser (however, I did change to the Spectro Gel)

2. Tone my face with a Clearasil toner.

3. Apply Oxy5

4. Maybe put some tea tree oil on it

5. Put some other shit on it too. I was really harsh. My motto back then? The More the Merrier.

It wasn't a good regimen.

Here are some things people did that brought me way down in my self esteem:

1. I was at a family gathering. Some people I didn't know kept saying like "Come to the table". I was in the dark, so they didn't see my acne. Then they kept commenting "FORGET YOUR ACNE".

2. They kept telling me about some sort of product on TV about SCRUBBING and some gay shit. I DON'T CARE, I KNOW MORE THEN THEM. If this ever happens to you, tell them:" Its not a matter of just going to the pharmacy. Acne is HARD to clear

I was then in Grade 10. I was in a new enviroment, and still think people don't talk to me because of my skin. I was fed up. Well, here is a list of what I tried in Grade 10:

- Neutrogena Mask

- Tea Tree Oil Mask

- Neutrogena Multi-vitamin

- Oxy Pads

- St. Ives Apricot Scrub With AND without Salicylic Acid

PS. The mask and the scrub works well!

I was fed up, as I said. I went to the derm, and started Accutane in March 2003. During the Accutane course, here are some side effects and comments:

- I was really scared. Don't be too scared of Accutane. It doesn't have too many side effects, and they are overexaggerated (well, kinda depends on the person, but its in general)

- Take with food. It speeds up the process. I didn't always take it with food. BIG MISTAKE. It's my 5th month, and not 100% clear.

- Don't apply Benzoyl Peroxide, or any other medicated shit. It doesn't help! Accutane makes your skin sensitive. It is better to go with only the following: Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, and Cetaphil Moisturizer and Oil-free sunscreen. That is all you need while on Accutane!

- Don't go in the sun! Be a vampire as best you can! It burns your skin. Mine is all red.

- In pictures, I don't shine anymore =D>

- I find it harder to sleep

- Drink lots of Water

Im on my 5th month of Accutane. The difference?

- Clear, smooth skin

- Oil free

However, I heard the oil comes back.


Thanks for reading; Here are some recommendations and advice for you acne suffers


- Go to forums! I made a mistake and relied on myself, or people who don't know jack! Come here often, post questions, and stuff!

- Don't over do it! My motto : THE MORE THE MERRIER got me in shit! Keep it short and sweet!

- Get a dermo if it gets out of hand! They really help! If you cannot afford one, go in a forum and ask for generics, or alternatives to derms!

- Stay out of the sun if you aren't wearing sunscreen! I learned this the hard way :)

- If you don't feel like leaving the house. I felt this way too. Just think: What about the people with no legs? How about people who have bigger problems then just acne which will go away? If girls don't like you, screw it! They are too shallow! As you grow, you will get deeper, and so will people around you. They will accept you for who you are.

I really hope this article helped. It was truly from my experiences, and from the heart. Good luck with everything everyone! If you have any questions, feel free to PRIVATE MESSAGE ME! God bless you all!

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hey.. i pmed you.. askin cpl of questions.. i had a similar story to u.... i started accutane in mid april.. pm me wen u get a chance

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