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1) cleanse with a mild cleanser for sensitive skin.

2) exfoliate

avoid all scrubs..no matter how mild they claim to be. but how do we exfoliate, do u ask??? oh thats easy...and DIRT CHEAP too!!! 2 WORDS- BAKING SODA! (yes it's the one we use for cooking, cleaning and what not)

The PROPORTION: don't sweat over it, put baking sode in a bowl, add water until it becomes a paste, leave it on for about 5-10 mins

3) tone to balance pH

now that baking soda is basic in nature..something acidic is needed to balance the ph. ANSWER? APPLE CIDER VINEGAR!

ACV recommended for skin is the same one thats used for cooking. u can get these at any retailers or supermarkets

use a 1:8 (vinegar:water) solution first and then gradually increase to 1:1 ..never apply it neat. BALANCED pH = BEAUTIFUL SKIN! wash off after 10 mins. dont leave it on. Again that's 1 VINEGAR to 8 WATER (increase when your skin gets used to it) It would be red & tingling in the first time (normal if it keeps being red after a few days then you should add more water (your skin might be too sensitive) and YES regular white vinegar will work as well.

4) apply ur acne cream..i use the Proactiv BP lotion. i use the amt Dan suggests for beginners...( edit: i switched to Neutrogena on-the-spot now). U can use ANY acne cream which suits ur skin. Dont skip this step. Some people skip this and result in more breakout, you have to continue using BP if you have active acne, DO NOT SKIP

5) Moisturise with SPF containing moisturiser. I use Cetaphil and it does not break me out. Look for the words sensitive skin, hypoallergenic & non-comedogenic WITH SUN PROTECTION FACTOR when u buy any moisturiser.

And for those who apply make-up, use non-acnegenic products containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. they r good for the skin too!


6) cleanse ur face..( use baking soda and acv only once a day..morning or evening as ur preference)

7 ) apply a mild protein mask...

1 tablespoon of egg-white whipped up + a squeeze of lemon (dont put too much). smooth it over ur face..avoid eye area... wash off in 10 minutes....

WHITE WHITE WHITE PART ONLY - crack the egg open BEFORE COOKING IT, take the WHITE part only

- add fresh lemon (YES LIME IS FINE, Lemon juice is also fine) - Some people experience breakout with this mask, some think it's the greatest thing in the world, it all depends on your skin. TEST FIRST!

(Delna) nothing can beat fresh eggs for the mask but if u do not have a choice..the 100% egg whites is just fine. But if u have to use it within 7 days, the best thing wd be to use a little everyday for cooking. eg: if u make scrambled eggs for breakfast everyday..u wont waste it + its good for u + its good for ur skin used both internally and externally. if u do not like eggs..then im afraid u have to buy fresh ones for ur mask..fresh ones will stay longer and u can just separate the eggwhite from the yolk for ur mask. u can store the rest of the eggwhite in the refrigerator for subsequent uses

8) Apply ur acne cream before bed.


- every skin is different so will react different to different treatments. Please do a patch test before you use any regimen all over your face. Eg: on the side of your neck before doing it all over your face

- you can also try the BS (baking soda) and ACV (apple cider vinegar) in the morning and egg mask in the evening. If your skin gets too dry with BS, use it every other day or every 2 days...whatever works for your skin. Even if you chose not to do the BS, do the cleansing in the morning with a good cleanser and use sunscreen. White vinegar is also fine but ACV has more anti-oxidants.

- Delna uses the mask whenever she makes eggs !!! just keep a little eggwhite aside for the face

face!! She do the b.soda wash every other day now as the climate is turning cold and skin tends to get dry. She uses the ACV everyday.

- MASK: don't do more than once/day: it won't make your skin clear faster simply because there is a limit to which your skin sheds its dead cells and renews itself. It has a defense mechanism of its own


NO, NO and NO!!!! It will fade your scars thus making your skin look lighter and brighter!! Dont worry, you are not going to look like a ghost!!


For as long as it takes to dry on your skin. As soon as you feel it is dry, wash off. Keeping it for 1-4 hrs will do your more harm than good. For gosh's sakes, let your skin breathe!!


ONCE A DAY ONLY!! I REPEAT..please dont do it more than once a day! Clean it, pamper it and leave it alone. Too much of anything is bad! If your skin feels dry even after you moisturise, you should be less consistent. Do it every other day or every 2 days...find out how your skin works best and make your own skin schedule. If your skin does not feel right one day, dont aggrevate it by any regimen. Leave it alone and then resume when it is normal again.


For all those who have extra sensitive noses....please wash off ACV soon after it dries. It will take only 2-3 mins for it to dry. Like i said before, leaving it on without washing is not going to do you more good.




Sure you can!! Whatever works for you!! You neednt follow this regimen to the 'T'....


Chances are that its not. You acne is an inner problem. It is because your pores are clogged with extra oil that is produced by your over-active sebaceous glands. And many factors can aggrevate it..like unhealthy greasy foods, not drinking enough water, being constipated, etc ..to name a few. But if you really think this regimen is causing your bumps, then it is time to stop and move on to something else. This may not work for everybody.


the idea is to balance the pH of ur skin. B.soda is basic and vinegar acidic. So using them together creates a perfect envt for healthy skin. but everyone is different and what works for some may not work for others. if u r skeptical abt b.soda, and if u r finding good results with ACV alone, then no need to change. but if u do want to try it out, do a test patch first. if u like the feel of it, u can do the whole face

- what about about mixing antibiotic topical treatments like clindamycin with this regimen of urs...as a relacement for the acne cream? ? ?

If clindamycin is not causing any peeling, dryness or irritation on ur skin, then i dont see any reason why u shdnt do this treatment along with it. But please do a test patch first..just to be on the safe side. Also use a very weak solution of acv at first. If u have peeling or dryness, then acv might irritate ur skin further. Be sure to moisturise well with SPF containing moisturiser after applying any acne medication.

- I have more spots using BS & ACV??

B.soda does bring out the whiteheads and blackheads that u already have from under the skin, when u first start using it. when i first started using b.soda, i had to steam my face and take out the blocked pores often. But now, my skin is so clean i dont have blocked pores or whiteheads or blackheads. Also, in some ppl vinegar can irritate the skin to bring out some spots the first time..which is precisely why i insist that u have to dilute, dilute, dilute it as much as possible the first time and gradually increase the concentration as ur skin gets used to it. But since its a natural AHA, its good for ur skin and will not harm it. u have nothing to worry. But if u r breaking out even after 2 weeks, then this regimen is not for u. Cd be that u r allergic to b.soda or vinegar. as of now, just be gentle when using the b.soda paste..dont scrub hard..dilute ur acv into a very very weak solution...use ur acne cream and sunscreen and dont forget the mask. u shd attempt to press out ur whiteheads when they r ready, there is no other way to take them out. steam ur face and press gently with fingertips covered with a soft towel..if they dont come out..dont force them.

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Guest nec77

Are the marks faded permanently??? Or is it a temporary result? And I've had red marks for 2+ years.. I was told by Derm they are scars but you cant feel them, or really see much when you look at them in light. Do you think it would help on that?

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well to me my marks are fading really slowly, it wud prob fade even faster if i cud get decent sleep, sigh.. i have the worst trouble sleeping, on days where i have crap sleep, i look like shit. on days i have good sleep, my marks look super faded from the regimen.

but yes the regimen has helped. just go try it, yea it does get annoying applying egg and crap everyday, the most annoying thing to me is the baking soda and vinegar part, cause u have to was ur face from baking soda then wait 10 mins then wash again.. sigh so annoying... whilst the egg part u just wait 10 min then wash and apply the other stuff

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Guest nec77

ok i may try it.. someone also said somethin about an aspirn mask working.. i wonder if its permanent results though

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i wudnt have a clue, ive never tried aspirn, i bought rosehip oil cause on the actualy product, it claims that it can get rid of pigmentation marks and acne scars and such such, and so far the results have been preety good.

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