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please help me i have a few acutane questions

1. i went through a breakout during weeks 1 and 2 but the 5th week in my complex had lots of color and the bit of acne i had round my neck was very faded and almost gone, now its just come back again is it possible to have 2 breakouts its even worse on my chest.

2. does accutane make u look very tired and feel very sore eyed i was fine when first starting but now i feel very tired and look a little unwell.

3. how long does it usualy take to notice a big diffrence can it take months before seing resualts as i dont understand how it can work around my neck area and almost go just for it to come back.

4. what is the next step if accutane does not work does this mean im just left with acne and thats the end.

hope someone can help me with these questions, its much apprciated.

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1. Yes

2. Yes

3. Sometimes, you won't see results till the very end of the course. Some people don't see results until months after they've stopped taking the pills. It's different for everyone.

4. If accutane doesn't work for you the first time, you can go on a second course. Or, if you're a female, you can try hormonal therapies, like spironolactone or birth control pills. It depends on what you'd like to do and what your dr./derm decides is best.

Hope that helps, and try to stay positive. You're only a few weeks into it. You'll probably start seeing results in a few more weeks.

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My derms says they have a "three strikes and you're out" policy. You get three courses of Accutane before they stop you.

I've heard that for those who experience acne problems post-Tane, it's usually milder and easier to control with topicals. I've also heard that 70% are cured long term.


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